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Content Marketing Communications Consulting





Stines Communications Group is a holistic communications firm that helps clients bring their story to life so they can authentically share it with the world. 

We support clients with content marketing and public relations strategy.  

Our clients have been featured in media outlets such as Fast Company, INC, Essence, Black Enterprise, Business News Daily, QuickBooks, Travel Noire, NPR, Fox2Detroit, WDIV, and more.

Whether you want to start the writing process,  get featured in the media, or write for publications, we can help.

You have a story that can impact the world.

Yes, you! Putting yourself out there can be scary, but your gifts are supposed to be shared, right?

We all have a story to tell and we will help you bring yours to life.

Take the guess work out of starting the writing process, getting published in magazines, and featured in the media. We can show you how.

Our founder has over 10 years of experience in journalism, education, and public relations, as an author she self-published two books based on health and wellness. When it comes to storytelling and writing, you want to touch people’s souls and share your authentic self.

Along with the experience in media, she has background in holistic nutrition and wellness. She uses these techniques to help clients release blocks and enhance confidence so they can share their story and creative work with ease.

Your story can be the gift that will help someone else change their own life.

The beauty of sharing your story and expertise, whether it’s a placement in the media or a published article, is that you can make the world a better place. There is a story inside of you waiting to be shared, so let’s create stories that will inspire others and change the world. 

Are you ready to bring your story to life and share it with the world? 

Schedule your discovery call today.

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