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Vernon The Vegetable Man

When Yvelette Stines saw the growing statistics of childhood obesity, she knew something had to change. She felt she could contribute by writing a book. Vernon the Vegetable Man encourages children to exercise, eat healthy, and set goals. Vernon is the neighborhood vegetable man that grows and sells fresh produce from his garden to local communities so everyone has healthier food options. Many times he is mistaken for the ice cream man. Vernon helps children and families live a healthier lifestyle.

In the book, Vernon helps Marvin, an obese boy who struggles to play basketball with his friends. Marvin’s journey begins with a walk home. When he hears music, he is ready to get ice cream. He is mistaken and surprised to meet Vernon the Vegetable Man.  With some encouragement and tips, Marvin finds himself eating healthier, exercising, releasing weight, and eventually playing basketball with the other boys. Join the movement to help children, families, and communities get healthy.

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Praise for Vernon the Vegetable Man

“Yvelette Stines delivers with her children’s book Vernon the Vegetable Man. I am a strong believer in a lifestyle of eating right and physical fitness so it is completely refreshing to read a children’s book that supports healthy living. She makes it fun, inspiring and totally relatable. My son Jordan and I greatly enjoyed it and he was very excited to read a book that promotes the way he eats. There aren’t enough books like it!!”  -Vivian Green - Singer/Recording Artist

“I loved reading this book to the little ones in my life. The message is a positive one and shows that kids can do anything they put their mind to. In addition, it shows them the benefits of eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle. The pictures are colorful and engaging. You’ll want to read it along with your kids. The message speaks to both children and adults! I highly recommend this book!”  -Savannah

“I love this children’s book.” – Heather Lindsay – Author, Minister, and Founder of The Pinky Promise Movement

“You can’t swing a Twinkie these days without hitting upon the hot topic of childhood obesity. Too often the focus is on detailed meal plans and more tactical things that kids might gloss over or find boring. Enter Vernon the Vegetable Man! By showing how a healthy diet can have a real impact on a young boy’s life, food choices become both more relevant and fun. A great book for any child in your life, I picked one up for my godchild, who at 2 is already surrounded by bad food options (even though she already loves blueberries!).” – Jeska Dzwigalski